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Syncrude is one of the largest operators in Canada’s oil sands industry, with over 50 years of innovation and responsible operations.

About Syncrude

Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Syncrude operates technologically-advanced oil sands mines, extraction and upgrading facilities, as well as utilities plants. A large research and development facility in Edmonton supports operations and has pioneered many of the technologies used today in the industry. Current production capacity is 350,000 barrels per day of high quality light, sweet crude oil, and cumulative shipments now exceed 2.5 billion barrels.

The Syncrude Project is a Joint Venture undertaking among Imperial Oil Resources; Mocal Energy Limited; Nexen Oil Sands Partnership; Sinopec Oil Sands Partnership; and Suncor Energy Inc. (with the Suncor interest held by Canadian Oil Sands Partnership #1 and Suncor Energy Ventures Partnership, both wholly owned affiliates of Suncor Energy Inc.).

The long life and high quality resource base of Syncrude’s oil sands leases provide our Joint Venture participants with a sound platform for continued sustainable operations and future growth. All of Syncrude’s leases can be mined and are among the best in the Athabasca deposit for quality of ore, and low total volume-to-bitumen in place, both of which enhance the economics of the Syncrude Project.

Syncrude Oil Sands Leases

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