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Rising to the top

A strong commitment to safety netted a local business major accolade. The Fort McKay Group of Companies received recognition for Most Improved – Large Company at Syncrude’s 2015 Safety Summit and awards ceremony. The event honours Syncrude business areas and contractor companies for achieving improved or maintained safety performance on the job.

This was the first time the Fort McKay Group of Companies had achieved the Most Improved Award, although two subsidiaries of the company had been recognized in the past – Fort McKay Logistics once received the Small Contractor Award, and Fort McKay Strategic Services received an award for 10 years without a recordable injury at the Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch.

Jim Carbery, who was CEO of the Fort McKay Group of Companies at the time, credited the implementation of the Loss Prevention System (LPS) for the gains they’ve made on safety. LPS is a system that uses behaviour-based tools and management techniques to prevent or reduce losses.

Aboriginal Relations

“We put a lot of focus on safety in the past year because we needed to improve, not just at Syncrude but other sites,” said Jim. “We looked at every aspect of our operations from administration to the field and the results to date have been excellent.”

Employees are being trained in LPS and it is being implemented within the many subsidiary companies that make up the Fort McKay Group of Companies. Transparency with suppliers and clients is a big part of the improvement. The main focus of the team is to keep communication lines open with all stakeholders and addressing the root causes of failures.

“Our people believe in the system and we’re prepared to put the time and effort into implementing it across the board,” said Jim.

Low injury rates compared to other contractor companies, and employees going above and beyond to ensure safety is a priority, were all key factors that clinched the award.